gunpowder, gelatine...

...dynamite with a laser beam.

21 May
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Name: Gareki
Gender: male
Age: 15
Birthday: May 21 (Gemini)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Other: always wears his goggles


Housing: Apartment C14
Roommate: Namikaze Minato (possibly Larxene)
Occupation: Technician/Repair @ Fix-It
Work Schedule: tba
Weapons: one gun, multiple explosives, likely several smaller hand-to-hand weapons such as knives
Explosives: he is a genius at using explosives, and can make more with ingredients that can be found at any grocery or hardware store
Mechanics: he is a prodigy with mechanical and electronic devices, capable of figuring out how they work, fixing, or building them in very short order


Series: Karneval (manga)


none. app a canonmate!


Jim Hawkins: an obnoxious, bratty, a little bit insane boy who Gareki met early on - though he gets under Gareki's skin by having a sharp mouth to rival his own, Gareki actually quite likes the kid, invited him to watch Gareki destroy a building, and intends to start some sort of private side business with him...probably mostly likes him because he mentioned hover sails, and what mechanic wouldn't die to learn how to create things not even invented where he comes from...he calls Jim "space boy"
Demyx: someone that Gareki has spoken to a few times, mostly when Demyx was in crisis mode...Gareki thinks of Demyx as a mostly-harmless dumb blonde, and he's used to those...he keeps Demyx in line by verbally (and physically if he has to) giving him the smackdown and telling him to calm down...definitely a helpless person who can't take care of himself, and who better than Gareki to order him around?
Sagan Youji: the little cat-ears brat who insulted and threatened Gareki for virtually no reason...not that Gareki was scared, he threatened right back - after Gareki mentioned explosives, Youji warmed right up to him and they made plans to blow up apartment building 2 if Youji brought the ingredients for the explosives, and went through punishment from the island for it...Gareki is actually quite fond of the boy and mothers him on occasion in his own bossy way, and it seems Youji occasionally turns to Gareki for help as well...
Dog: a stray dog that Gareki found to cuddle while under punishment from the island...it follows him around and loves him despite his grouchiness, so he's decided to keep it

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